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Direct Flanged With Coupled Sealed

Direct Flanged With Coupled Sealed

Diaphragm Sealed

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Special Features

  • Welded diaphragm
  • Most suitable for slurry & corrosive service
  • Flushing ring, flange & diaphragm are Available in various type of ss & exotic materials


  • Diaphragm seals are provided in the instruments like pressure Gauges, switches, transmitters in order to isolate the sensing Element from the main service due to its corrosive, viscous and Sedimented nature and to avoid clogging and solidification.
  • These kind of seals are widely used in the viscous & corrosive services where flushing is required periodically & frequently


Standard Version (For Flange Size 1-1/2” And Above)

(Compatible models : PPS, SF6, WP6, WP4, DD1, DD2, DB, BEC, DEC

Seal typeS53 = -1 to 0 kg/cm2 & 0 to 250 kg/cm2 (Non PTFE Lined)* (Standard)

P53 = -1 to 0 kg/cm2 & 0 to 40 kg/cm2 (PTFE Lined)*
Process temperatureMax. 150°C for PTFE lined

-40°C to 200°C for without PTFE lined
Instrument connection3/8” BSP (F)
Process connectionFlange (As per DIN/BS/ANSI/JIS), 40 NB (1-1/2”) & above
Fill fluidSilicon Oil - DC 200
Flange finish125-250 AARH

* Range of selected instrument shall be suitable to flange pressure rating.

Top chamberAISI 304 SS
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Bourdon Type

Diaphragm Sealed & Gauge

Differential Gauge

Digital Pressure and Temperature

Electrical Contact

Low Pressure Capsule & LPD & SCH Diaphragm


Megnahellic DPG

Needle Valve


Special Gauges

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