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Double Diaphragm Type

Differential Pressure Gauge

Double Diaphragm Type

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Special Features

  • Case & measuring system in SS
  • Static pressure up to 200 kg/cm2 (on request)
  • Dry or liquid filled
  • Accuracy upto 1.6% F. S.
  • Standard followed in general EN 837-3
  • C€ approved electrical contacts


  • Chemicals
  • Refinery
  • Nuclear
  • Aerospace
  • Fertilizer
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power
  • Cement
  • Sugar
  • Food & Beverages Pulp
  • Paper & allied Process Industries


Standard Version : 100 mm & 150 mm

Accuracy±1.6% of F.S. (For ascending order)
Ambient temperature- 25°C to + 65°C
Process temperatureMax 100°C
Static pressure (on request)10 kg/cm2 up to ranges 600 mmWC

40 kg/cm2 for ranges 1000 mmWC to 2500 mmWC

100 kg/cm2 for ranges 4000 mmWC & above
Over pressure limit130% of Max. scale value
Case & BezelAISI 304 SS (Bayonet Type)
DiaphragmAISI 316L SS (Double Diaphragm)
Nuts & BoltsAISI 304 SS
Process ConnectionBody : AISI 316 SS
MovementThread Connection : 1/4" NPT (F) x 2 Nos.
AISI 304 SS With Internal Limits stops for Min. & Max. Pressure
ProtectionIP 68
DialAluminium, black graduation on white background
PointerAluminium, black coloured, Micrometer Zero Adjustable
WindowShatterproof / Safety Glass
Case GasketNeoprene
Element Chamber FillingSilicon Oil (Others on request)
Diaphragm Sealing GasketViton
Scale Amplitude100° to 270° (Depends on Range)

Glycerine filled version (option LGF)

Accuracy±2.5 % of F. S.(For ascending order)
Ambient TemperatureMaximum 65°C
Process TemperatureMaximum 65°C
WindowPlexi Glass
Dampening LiquidsGlycerine 99.7%

(others available as option)
Other FeaturesRefer Specification of Standard Version

Electrical contacts - dry version

Accuracy±2.5% of F. S.(For ascending order)
Ambient TemperatureMaximum 65°C
Process TemperatureMaximum 65°C
WindowPolycarbonate Dome
Dampening LiquidsDielectric Oil (Optional)
Electrical Contacts*Refer How to Order
Other FeaturesRefer Specification of Standard Version

* Please specify contact set points while ordering.

Temperature effect:

The variation of indication caused by effects of temperature is to be calculated by below formula; which is to be added in the specified accuracy while measurementFormula : ± 0.08 x (t2 -11) % of F. S. where t1 = reference temperature (+20°C) and t2 = ambient temperature in °C.

Note : The addition of mechanical electric contacts affects the accuracy of instruments such that 1 % becomes 1.5%, 1.6% becomes 2.4% etc. (Add the 50% of accuracy; If the contact is of the magnetically assisted type, this value can’t be added within the ±5% of setting point.)

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