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Screwed Flush Type

Screwed Flush Type

Diaphragm Sealed

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Special Features

  • Ideal for pressure transmitter
  • Laser welded diaphragm
  • One piece AISI 316 SS construction
  • Flush diaphragm


  • Diaphragm seals are provided in the instruments like pressure gauges, switches, transmitters in order to isolate the sensing element from the main service due to its corrosive, viscous and sedimented nature and to avoid clogging and solidification


Standard Version

Compatible models : WPT, ESG, ESW, WP4 & WP6 ( WP4 & WP6 NS 100mm Only.) Note: Pressure Gauge will be provided maximum to NS 100 mm with internal system of NS 63 mm.

RangeRefer below table
Process temperature-40°C to 200°C or as per fill fluid
Instrument connection1/4” BSP (F)
Process connection3/4” BSP (M)
MountingDirect (without capillary)

DiaphragmAISI 316LSS
BodyAISI 316 SS
Fill fluidSilicon Oil - DC 200
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