Diaphragm Seal - Direct Coupled type, Gujarat, India

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Direct Coupled type

Diaphragm Seal

Direct Coupled type

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Special Features

  • Robust two piece design
  • The diaphragm is welded to the body to ensure separation of the filling fluid from the process medium
  • All SS construction


  • Diaphragm seals are designed to isolate the sensing element of pressure gauges and pressure switches from process fluids that they may be corrosive, viscous, sedimentous and / or with a high temperature.


Standard Version : (Compatible models : PPS, SF6, WP6, WP4, DD1, DD2, DB, BEC, DEC)

Seal type & RangeD85 = -1 to 0 kg/cm2 & 0 to 70 kg/cm2 (Standard) D65 = 100 kg/cm2 to 250 kg/cm2
Process temperature-40°C to 200°C or as per fill fluid
Instrument connection3/8” BSP (F)
Process connection1/2” BSP (M)
Fill fluidSilicon Oil - DC 200
MountingDirect (without capillary)
DiaphragmAISI 316LSS
Top chamberAISI 304 SS
Bottom chamberAISI 316 SS
Nuts / boltsAISI 304 SS
Sealing gasketPTFE
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