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Sanitary Process Connection (TC END)

Sanitary Process Connection (TC END)

All SS Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Gauge

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Special Features

  • Stainless steel case & measuring system
  • Laser welded diaphragm
  • Dry or liquid filled
  • Diaphragm seal integrally built with gauge.
  • Reduces the effect of vibration / pulsation
  • Polished diaphragm provides best hygiene factor
  • Standard followed en 837-3


  • Especially designed for sanitary application
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paint industry
  • Bacterial & fungal accumulates which contaminate the process are eliminated
  • The mirror finishing of the components assures the best hygiene.


Standard Version : 50 mm, 63 mm & 100mm

Accuracy±1.6% of F.S.
Ambient temperature10 to 60°C
Process temperature10 to 150°C
Operating pressure range75% of Scale Value
Over pressure limit130% of Scale Value

Case & BezelAISI 304 SS (Polished) (Bayonet Type)
SocketAISI 316 SS
BourdonAISI 316LSS
MovementAISI 304 SS
BodyAISI 316 SS
JointsTig Argon Arc Welding
DiaphragmAISI 316L SS (Polished) Laser Welded
Sanitary Seal1-1/4” size in AISI 316 SS (Without clamp, Gasket & Mating part)

ProtectionIP 68
DialAluminum, black graduation on white background
PointerAluminum, black coloured, fixed
WindowPlexi Glass
GasketSilicon rubber
Filling PlugNeoprene
Sealing FluidGlycerin

Dry But Fillable Version (Option FG)

Fillable Dampening LiquidGlycerine 99.7%
Ambient TemperatureMaximum 65°C
Process TemperatureMaximum 65°C
Other FeaturesRefer Specification of Standard Version

Glycerine Filled Version (Option PY)

Accuracy±1.6% of F. S.
Process TemperatureMaximum 65°C
Ambient TemperatureMaximum 65°C
WindowPlexi Glass
Dampening LiquidsGlycerine 99.7%
Other FeaturesRefer Specification of Standard Version

Temperature effect:

The variation of indication caused by effects of temperature is to be calculated by below formula; which is to be added in the specified accuracy while measurementFormula : ±0.08 x (t2 -11) % of F. S. where t1 = reference temperature (+20°C) and t2 = ambient temperature in °C.

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